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February 10 – March 12, 2015
Gallery Talk: February 26, noon-1 PM 
Reception for the Artists: March 12, 4-6 PM 

Artist's Statement

Print from Kevin Fletcher's print showKevin G. Fletcher
This display began as an event to mark my retirement following thirty years of full-time teaching at this institution. As such, it would have been comprised of more of my images than any person of normal patience could be expected to endure. Given the size of the galleries and the size of most of my prints, it would've also required one heck of a lot of framing! It struck me that there could be a different approach entirely and that's what you see here today: a group exhibition of 13 artists.
The first room offers prints and drawings from my collection, the sort of things I've tried to show my students whenever possible, over the years. The larger room contains prints and drawing examples by any of this college's faculty who've taught in the print area (or assisted in the print lab) during my time here. This allows the viewer to take in a broad range of printmaking expression and should lend a greater perspective over what constitutes printmaking creativity in a contemporary sense.
I have also taken the liberty of including some work by Elizabeth Quandt, my predecessor, whose last years here I bookended by filling in as her sabbatical replacement in '81-'82, before I returned for this current run of '86-'15. I'd like to thank all of the superb artists who've participated and would also say that it's been an honor and a privilege to work with you here at the print shop in room 780. Your contributions meant we had a continuing strength of presence in the department and on campus. I sincerely doff my hat to you all.
Thanks also to those who loaned artwork: Daniel Lienau and Gala Chamberlain of Annex Galleries, Genevieve Barnhart, and Carla Stone. Much appreciation goes to Nick Van Krijdt and Renata Breth for the curating, installation, and management of resources. Also, to Mike Garcia at graphic services and Trisstessa Motley for her voluntary assistance in the final phase. Lastly, I salute my other art colleagues who endorsed my proposal for this exhibition. Hopefully they will enjoy the show.

Kevin G. Fletcher 
Printmaking and Drawing Instructor 
2 Feb 2015


Gallery view of print show

Participating Artists

Alan Azhderian

Caren Catterall

Holly Downing

Kevin G. Fletcher

Linda Grebmeier

Max Hein

Machiko Kondo

Tomoko Murikami

Michael Pauker

Elizabeth Quandt

Lynn Kientz Schmidt

William Smith

Karen Tossaveinen