Abstract Mix

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ABSTRACT MIX : Paintings and Drawings by 6 California Artists

September 19th to October 13th, 2016

Opening Reception:  Thursday September 22, 4-6PM

Artist Talk:  Tuesday October 4, 1:30PM in Gallery

Curator:  Stephanie Sanchez

William Lane
Keisho Okayama
Marie Thibeault
Claudia McCain
Robert Poplak
Tom Thompson
Curator's Statement:
The word “ABSTRACT” for our purposes refers to art  ” representing line, color , and nonrepresentational form.”
The Latin ‘abstractus’ means to ‘draw from.’
Abstract art is non figurative, but it can ‘draw from’ sources common to all art.
Here are paintings and drawings of six artists from Northern and Southern  California  working in unique modes of abstraction. The artists are a product of diverse geographic and cultural in influences.  Their training : Stanford, UCLA, Cal State Long Beach, UC Santa Cruz. Inspiration is derived from sources like the colorful walls of Tijuana, Mexico, stains on city pavement, trees in Watteau’s bucolic landscapes, chaotic urban architecture, natural forms, and distinct emotional states.  While most of the group are influenced by the Abstract Expressionist movement of mid-century in their use of gesture and texture in paint, one, William Lane, is a minimalist, a reductionist, creating a uniform surface with no brushstrokes apparent.
All of the artists were trained in foundation skills of representational drawing and painting,  and were taught basic design concepts, but have become, as they matured,