Student Art Show, 2018

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May 7th through May 17th
Gallery Hours:  Monday through Thursday 10:30am-4:00pm
Santa Rosa Junior College Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery is proud to present the STUDENT ART SHOW, 2018.
This exhibit showcases the enormous talent of our SRJC art students and affords the opportunity to share their works with the SRJC student body and the college community.
The SRJC Art Department offers classes in ceramics, drawing, design, painting, photography (both digital and darkroom), art history, printmaking and sculpture. Student work from all these courses are on display. Each piece lists the Student's name, course in which the work was produced, the instructor's name and the medium. The information acquaints students with examples of work done in our art classes so they can get a feel for the kind of assignments they can expect from various teachers.
Student works from Art History courses represent “illustrations” submitted with a paper assignment, demonstrating what the students have learned about particular artists or civilizations.