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September 16 – October 17, 2013

Artists' Gallery

Portrait of a tatooed baby with Necklace by Heidi Endemann

Tradition of Mayhem presents eleven California artists: Art Hazelwood, Bella Feldman, Michael Knowlton, Evan Chambers, Heidi Endemann, Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet, Catherine Wagner, Hanna Hannah, Al Farrow and Mela Kent Steinhardt. Their work, comprising painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture, confronts the enduring themes of aggression and hostility found in human nature, and its extension into human experience and culture. Referring to the troubling and seductive appeal of the realm of violence and horror, these works engage us through their beauty of design, concept, and the artists' consummate skill. The show stands as witness to a world perpetually on the brink of destruction. The artworks speak with a brutal honesty and an often sublime beauty; some to animate our conscience, others to accuse, while some seek a pathway to healing.
With appreciation to the generous artists, Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, and Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, for their participation in this endeavor; to Renata Breth, Gallery Director, for her extraordinary support and contributions. Gratitude to Michael Garcia for designing the arresting announcements, posters and banners, the Art Department Gallery Committee for their support of this exhibit, to Nick Van Krijdt for design and installation of the exhibit, to Stephen Southworth, for creation of the labels, to Elizabeth Hack, lecture presenter and Elizabeth Roberts of the Arts & Lectures Committee.

Artists' Gallery